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Jingtu Courtyard

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Brief introduction of the scenic spot

It was built by Scholor Gao Henian based on the house of his own with the financial support of all kinds of peoples in 1921. It has Mountain Gate, Front Hall, Grand Hall(Buddhist Hall), Yanshou (Longevity) Hall, Ancestral Hall, Yangxin (Heart Nourishing) Hall, Guiyuan Hall, Gongde(Beneficence) Hall, Guest Hall, Vegetarian Hall, Dongguan Room and Xiguan Room, which counts 110 in all and cover an area of more than eight mu. It is surrounded by water and connected to the outside through the Jiulian Bridge. It is a female Buddhist field with a great reputation in Subei Area.

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How to Get There?
You may take a bus at the Dafeng City and get off at the post office of Liuzhuang and walk westward for about four hundred meters to get to the old Jintu Courtyard. The newly built Jintu Courtyard is three hundred meters south of the old courtyard.

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