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Menglong Tower

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Brief introduction of the scenic spot

Menglong Tower was originally built in the Menglong courtyard. According to “the Ancient Temple of the Huai Shire”, Menglong Courtyard was built at the beginning of the Tang Dynasty. The Menglong Tower was originally five-storied and two stories were later blown down by tornado. Therefore, it was also called Broken Tower. The Menglong Tower is a pavilion style brick tower as high as 16.7 meters. In recent years, an underground palace was found below the tower. Its flat surface is in the shape of an octagon with 55 centimeters each side. The palace is as deep as 17.4 meters. In the palace there is a stone case which stores a silver coffin engraved with the characters of “Eighth Year of Yuan Feng’s Period”. There are also several relics of eminent Buddhist monks and several copper cash of “Tai Ping Tong Bao”.

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How to Get There?
Shanghai—Huning Highway—Wuxi(in the direction of Beijing)—Jiangyin Bridge—Ning-Jing-Yan Highway—get off from the Xinxing Exit in the north of Yancheng City—National highway204—Shanggang—Jianhu(Menglong Tower)

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