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Yancheng Travel Guide

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Yancheng Overview

Yancheng of Jiangsu Province is located in the east of the Subei Plain. It borders on Huang Sea and has a coastline of 528 kilometers. Yancheng was relatively developed in salt, fishing and agriculture and especially famous for producing Huai salt in the history. During the era before the Qin Dynasty, local people began to boil salt in a scattered form. From the West Han Dynasty to the middle part of the Qing Dynasty, Huai salt had always been one of the main financial sources of the feudal dynasty. In the Tang Dynasty, Yancheng was still one of the sea gates in our country.

Area code:0515
Postal code:224000
Administrative division:It exercises jurisdiction over the urban areas, six counties of Yandu, Sheyang, Jianhu, Xiangshui, Binhai and Funing and two prefecture-level cities of Dongtai and Dafeng.
Total Area: 14983 square kilometers