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Bajia Scenic Area

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The Bajia Scenic Area is 60 kilometers west of the urban areas of Yangchun. The main peak E’huang rises at a height of 1337 meters above sea level. The mountain has luxuriant woods and a large number of exotic flowers and grass with high ornamental values. 32 plants under the protection of the state has been found in this mountain, including Tigridiopalma, Euryodendron, upas, camellia azalea, dunnia sinensis, Apterosperma oblate Chang, etc; there are also 12 species of plants peculiar to China such as D. stachyanthus Hand, which account for one fourth that of Guangdong Province; there are also rare species that haven’t be named and proclaimed yet. The Bajia E’huang Peak as a provincial-level nature reserve has passed the evaluation and review of experts.

There is a celestial pool covering an area of 160 thousand square meters on the mountain. It can hold 24180000 cubic meters of water. The water is of high quality and tastes slightly sweet. There are pleasure boats coming and going on the surface of the pool, which forms the marvelous spectacle of “taking a boat on the top of the mountain”. Between the mountains, there are waterfalls pouring down, sounding like the clap of thunder. The Bajia waterfall is reputed as the “first waterfall in Guangdong”. It has a total length of 470 meters and a drop of 248 meters. It can be heard within five kilometers and can be seen within ten kilometers. The Bajia Scenic Area has abundant rain water, excessive clouds and mists and magnificent sceneries.

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