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East Lake Tourist Area

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The East Lake Tourist Area is 30 kilometers away from the urban areas of Yangjiang City.

The East Lake has serene and beautiful sceneries. It is surrounded by mountains. The lake area covers an area of 21 square kilometers, of which the water area has an area of 9 square kilometers. It can hold 120000000 cubic meters of water. With green water and mountains, the lake has clear and sparkling water. There are 108 small connected islands in the lake like 108 emeralds in a silvery plate. There are mangos, litchis, longans, slash pines and peach blossoms growing there. When spring comes, it is like a xanadu, resplendent and exotic. It also has an ancient camphor king unearthed in the Nalong River, which has a weight of 58 tons, a diameter of 4.3 meters and a length of 26 meters. According to textual research, the tree is over 5000 years of age.

There are turtles, yellow-fin tunas, snake head mullets and rare giant salamanders in the lake; there are more than twenty animals such as cormorants, white cranes, wide geese, blackcock, eagles, swans, wild boars, Muntiacus reevesi, water dogs and scaly anteaters on the land; there are also nearly one thousand species of rare plants. 

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There are through buses at the coach station.

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