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Moon Bay

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The seashore of the Moon Bay has a total area of 12.27 square kilometers with a coastline of 6.5 kilometers. It looks like a crescent falling down at the seashore of the South Sea. The seashore has clear water as well as white and clean sand. It is composed of the Sloping Wave Area, the Moderate Sea Area and the Rapid Wave Area. It has entertainment items such as sea water bathing beach, beach football, volleyball course, water sports and water amusement park. According to the international evaluation criteria of sea water bathing beach, the bathing beach of the Moon Bay has reached level A bathing standard. It is on a par with Hawaii and Yalongwan of Sanya City. On the seashore of the Moon Bay there is also a resort, which has facilities such as the Moon Bay Central Square, the Moon Bay Grand Hotel, Five-star Vacation Hotel, High-grade Villa and Youngster’s Hotel, etc.

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