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Spring Bay (Chunwan) Scenic Area

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The Spring Bay Scenic Area includes five scenic spots, namely, Dragon Palace Rock, Spring Bay Stone Forest, Exceeding Lofty Candle, Ciyun Rock and Tongzhen Rock.

The Dragon Palace Rock has a length of more than 1000 meters. It has magnificent sceneries like a dragon palace at the bottom of the sea in the legend. The grotto is composed of four sections. The first section is a reception corridor with vivid “aquatic animals of Dragon King”; the second section is the Palace of Dragon King taken off to perfection; the third section is a treasure house, including treasures of “Treasure Tower For Guarding the Palace”, “Mystical Needle for Calming sea”, and “Luxury Dragon Bed”; the fourth section is the Dragon Mother House with lifelike “Mosquito Nets of the Dragon Palace” and “Bathing Pool of the Dragon Daughters”. The cave has clear creek and green water all the year around. You will marvel at the uncanny workmanship of the Creator when you are there.

The Spring Bay Stone Forest is also called “A-hundred-Leaf Sword Gate”. Pass through the gate and you will find numberless stone peaks standing erect like knives and swords around the grassland. As a whole, with a height of more than 60 meters and a width of more than 50 meters, they are extremely rugged and odd. The Pearl River Film Studio, the Hong Kong Asian Television and the like has successively shot more than 30 films and TV works such as “Yue Fei” here.

The Exceeding Lofty Candle is by the lake of the Spring Bay Park in Chunwan Town. Standing among green water and lotus, it is nearly 100 meters high and 30 meter wide at the bottom. It is a cylindrical exotic peak rising from the ground and stretching into the sky among rocks of the Spring Bay. There is a stone sticking up like a wick of a candle on the top of the peak. Therefore, it is called the Exceeding Lofty Candle. At the turn of spring and summer, the green trees all over the mountain and the lotus in the water set off well against each other. Taking a boat and fishing in the lake make tourists linger on with no thought of leaving.  

The Ciyun Temple of the Ciyun Rock is built on a hathpace in front of the rock with a large natural cave inside. It is one of the famous historic sites in Yangchun. In front of the temple, there are the statues of “three saints” (Amita Buddha, Kwan Yin and Mahasthamaprapata Bodhisattva (the power of wisdom)). Behind the hall, there are more than 20 stone inscriptions carved from the middle part of the Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China on the cliff.

The Tongzhen Rock is also called “Singing Platform of Liu Sanjie”. Liu Sanjie is said to ascend to Heaven and become an immortal at this platform. Therefore, it is also called “Tongzhen Rock”. The Emperor Zhenzong of the Song Dynasty bestowed the two characters of “Tongzhen” and a scientist of the Song Dynasty called Zhou Dunyi wrote for the temple. In a small grotto beside the Tongzhen Rock, there is a rock looking very much like the breast of a woman. Through the ages it has dripped down spring ceaselessly. Therefore, the local people call it the “Breast of Mother Earth”, which means the latex of the Mother Earth. It is said that someone has wiped his eyes with the spring and found it having the effect of improving acuity of vision.

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There are special buses heading for the Spring Bay Scenic Area at the coach station.

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