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Ten Li Silvery Beach

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The Ten Li Silvery Beach covers a total area of 6000 mu. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides with a coastline of 16.5 kilometers. It has a golden long beach stretching to the horizon and a quite magnificent scene of surging white waves and emerging green vegetation. The Ten Li Silvery Beach has been listed in the Guiness Book of Records.

The tourist area includes four parts, namely, the Royal City in the Style of the Song Dynasty, the Yinhu Water Village, the hotel and villa area, and the beach park and bathing place area. The City in the style of the Song Dynasty covers an area of 60 thousand square meters. The 53 typical ancient buildings constitute the largest-scale building complex in the style of the Song Dynasty in the world at present. The Yinhu Water Village lies at the back of the highest peak “Straw King Mountain” on the Hailing Island. It has landscapes such as the first “China Film and Television Stars Monument” in our country. The hotel and villa area is planned in the mode of thematic buildings. It has several clusters such as national villas, Suzhou Garden, Space City and Mongolian City, etc. The tourist facilities of the beach park area are combined by simple structured construction using natural material with windbreak, including cowboy cuisine city, beer house and 64 wood structured beach lovers’ houses, etc.

It has fresh air, clean and even sand, and clear and transparent water. It has water entertainment items, such as sailboats, yachts, water fishing, etc, and physical activity items such as beach volleyball and football. It is a good place for leisure and vacation.

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You may take a medium-sized bus in Yangjiang City, which runs every ten minutes. The trip takes one hour and the fare is 8 yuan.

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1、The Hailing Island is located at the southwest tip of Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province. It is a seashore tourist resort with multitudes of tourists. It has charming sceneries and all sorts of entertainment activities such as water sports, beach horse race, beach camel ride, riding an airship on the sea surface, fishing and catching fish with netting, etc.   2、When night comes, a large number of tourists come in flocks from all parts of Guangdong to Zhapo Town on the Hailing Island outside the estuary of Yangjiang. Therefore, the night market at the town stays open for night long. You may savor cheap and fresh seafood here.   3、Try to avoid the summer vacation period of students and the typhoon season if you want to take a tour of the Hailing Island. Moreover, if you visit here at weekends, you had better reserve a hotel in advance. If you come here on Monday or Thursday, the hotel will be cheaper and there are less people.   4、When you swim on the beach, , be sure to follow the instructions of swimming staff if there is a stormy sea.   5、Catching fish with netting is a fishing activity of the local fishermen. A net is cast into the depth of the sea and its both ends are pulled respectively by more than ten people on the bank. People take turns to come forward and draw in the net and haul the net with fish up the bank. Tourists may either take part in this activity or buy fresh seafood from fishermen and let the restaurant cook it for you. However, since the period from June 1st to August 1st is the non-fishing period in the South Sea, the commercial fishing activity is prohibited on the sea surface during that period. The activity will be reopened to the public after August 1st. The activity of catching fish with netting can he held in places such as the Beiluo Bay, the Dajiao Bay, the Ten Li Silvery Beach and the Golden Sandy Beach, etc.   6、When you take dinner at Zhapo Town, you had better go to sidewalk snack booths with a better credit such as Xinle, Xincheng and Happy Yicun. Don’t listen to the recommendation of some customer solicitors in lest your money might be swindled.   7、The self-drive cars passing through the Hailing Levee will generally be charged 5 yuan.

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