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Three Caves of the Jade Stream

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The Three Caves of the Jade Stream, originally called Three Cave Dwelling, was named Ganlan Water in ancient times. It is about two kilometers away from the Lingxiao Rock. It was formed by the Ganlan water in the upper reaches of the Moyang River wearing through three large dissolved caverns of rocky hills. Taking a boat in the cave, you will hear clear spring go ding dong and see stream water as sparking and clean as jade. Therefore, it is also called Three Caves of the Jade Stream. There are a large number of stalactites in the three caves.   

The Three Caves of the Jade Stream has a total length of three kilometers. You may take a boat to admire it. The first cave is as long as 400 meters. There is a layer of dry cave above. The water is 48 meters away from the top of the cave. The most magnificent of the cave is the “folded spring in golden calyx”. Clear water flows down from fully loaded golden stone calyxes. The “crown” stone on the top of the cave looks very much like crown. Tourists may take a photo of wearing the crown in the boat. The second cave is 330 meters long, 2 to 5 meters deep and 20 to 30 meters wide. The river water is as clear as jade. There are many carp living in the water. The cave has abundant sceneries, specially the interesting “Three-change Stone”, which is the most marvelous spectacle. Seen from a distance it looks like a fisherman fishing; seen from close quarters it seems like a lion rolling a ball; seen from behind, it looks like a rhinoceros drinking water, which is acclaimed as the peak of perfection. Outside the two caves, there is the Sanlong Village. It is close to mountains and water with layer upon layer of terraces, exuberant forests and emerald bamboos and quiet farmhouses, which is characteristic of pastoral poetry. Other famous landscapes are inversed lotus and giant crown stone, etc.

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You may take a special air-conditioned medium-sized bus of the Three Caves of the Jade Stream at the Yangchun Coach Station.

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