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Zhapo Dajiao Bay

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General Introduction

Zhapo Dajiao Bay is an AAAA scenic area, situated in southeast of Zhapo town on Hailing Island, Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province. Known as the "sisters Bay” together with Yang Sha Pa Moon Bay,

Zhapo Dajiao Bay is one of the most famous tourist attractions in China, famous for its beautiful sunshine, soft sand, surf and fresh seafood. With Tai Ling ridge tunnel opened in recent years, the vehicle can drive you straight along the island.

The shine conch sculpture under the sun sees you to Zhapo Dajiao Bay, where the beach is 2.45 km long and 100 meters wide. The bay looks like a huge horn, thus, Zhapo Dajiao Bay was named. Surrounded by peaks on three sides and facing the vast South China Sea with soft wind and waves, Zhapo Dajiao Bay is a picturesque heaven with rich layer landscape on the earth. It is say that a mountain only can be called beautiful with water and a peak can only be called charming with clouds.
Zhapo Dajiao Bay is located in tropical South Asia, with an annual average temperature of 22.8 °C; an annual water temperature of 23.5 °C and an annual rainfall of 1816 mm. It has a long annual sunshine time and annual sunny days as long as 310 days. Zhapo Dajiao Bay is known for its bright sunshine, soft sandy beaches, clear and pure water and fresh air all over the world.

If Golden Beach Coast could be described as quiet and secluded, then Zhapo Dajiao Bay can be described as warm and pretty. Both sky and sea colors are filled with a southern atmosphere. Air is like a melting crystal, fresh and clarity; water is like blue satin shining in the sun, the sea is so happy and youthful that travelers cannot help but throw themselves into her arms, together with the spray hilarious chasing with each other. Pink and green parasols are blooming on the gentle and delicate beach for visitors to have a rest.

Colorful Entertainment Activities

When wore blue sky is getting stronger, distant fishing boat seems to be the stars of the sky, however, people are not aware of the arrival of the night until the semi-new moon hanging in the sky. The breeze blowing brings you the singing of the tide, when you look back afar, the coastal village will brightly shine.

You can go to the open-air bar; or gather on the beach barbecue; other colorful entertainment activities are welcomed by the visitors, including surfing, rubber boats, motor boats, beach horse racing, camel rides, beach volleyball, skating, laser shooting and fishing.

Tourism facilities in Zhapo Dajiao Bay have improved for many years’ investment and management. Both luxury resort hotel and convenient hotel, both seafood restaurant and snacks are offered.
There are a lot of hotels and guesthouses on Hailing Island, equipped with well –appointed facilities, such as the four-star standard Purple Hotel, Fuhai Hotel, Bizhu Hotel, Tianhai Hotel, Tengen Hotel, Rainbow Hotel and Golden Dragon Hotel.

Solo Adventure Tips:


In southeast of Zhapo town on Hailing Island, Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province

How to Get There?

The transportation is very convenient in the island. There are 45 km from Yangjiang to Zhaopo, only half an hour's drive sees you there. Buses between Yangjiang and Hailin Island run in every 15 minutes, the ticket is 12 yuan. Taxies also shuttle among the island. Moreover, bus is conveniently to Guangzhou, Shenzhen at 9:30 and 14:30. 

You may take a through express from Yangjiang to Zhapo Town and transfer to a speed boat there to get to the Mawei Island.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:

More Tips:

1. It is recommended to join a tour group to those who first come to Zhapo Dajiao Bay, even though independent travel is much convenient.

2. Avoid the tourist season and typhoon season.

3. It is advised to prepare breakfast on your own.

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