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Fructus Amomi

Fructus Amomi has pleasant fragrance. It is a precious medicinal herb with the effects of relieving epigastric distention, regulating Qi flow, invigorating the stomach and promoting digestion. The Fructus Amomi produced in the eastern mountainous area of Yangchun City under the jurisdiction of Yangchun City has the best medicinal properties. It is called “Chunsha” and is the ultimate of the Fructus Amomis in the country.


“There is Yangjiang in the south and in the north.” The Yangjiang kite has a history of more than 1400 years. Yangjiang was named “the hometown of kites in China” by the Physical Culture and Sports Commission of the PRC. The Yangjiang kite with superior craftwork is vivid with both appearance and spirit. The “Ganoderma Lucidum” Kite is evaluated as one of the ten wonders in the world and the “One-hundred-foot” Kite has a length of more than 100 meters. Yangjiang has a wide variety of kites wit

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The galangal has the effects of stimulating the stomach, promoting digestion and invigorating spleen, etc. Yangjiang abounds in galangals. Especially the Bada of Yangdong is the best. The “Jiuzhi Galangal” jointly developed by Bada Town of Yangdong and South China University of Technology has fresh and lingering taste.


The production of knives in Yangjiang has got a history of more than 150 years up to today. Yangjiang knives enjoy a great reputation at home and abroad for its tartness, beautiful appearance and durability.

Lobster Sauce

The Yangjiang lobster sauce made by traditional methods has a long history. It has fragrant smell and delicious taste, thus being a superb seasoning. It has respectively won the prizes of the Guangdong provincial excellent products and the ministerial excellent products of the state as well as the silver medal prizes of China Food Products Expo and the International Expo. It enjoys a great fame all over the world and sells in more than 30 nations and regions such as Europe and America.


Yangjiang lacquer has a history of more than three hundred years. It is one of the traditional craftworks of China with the national style of the Orient and thick local characteristics. It has gorgeous colors, ingenious design and superior workmanship. It is damp-proof and durable. It can not only be used as utility devices, but also be appreciated as a handicraft of fine arts.

Aquatic Products

Yangjiang City is has a coastline of 391 kilometers. It boasts the key fishing harbors of Guangdong such as Dongping and Zhapo, of which the former is the largest shark fin producing base in the country, abounding in fresh seafood such as prawns, lobsters, flower crabs, white butterfish, sierras, oysters, bloody clams and hard clam as well as shark fins and swimming bladder of eel, etc.


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