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Pingding Niangzi Barrier Scenic Spot

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Niangzi Barrier was historically called the ninth barrier of the Great Wall. It was said that Princess Tangping had once stayed here with her armies. Guancheng is located in the steep, back on the fluctuant Mian Mountain with ridges and peaks. When you stand in a high place, you can see the Tao River converts from southwest to northeast and pour around the Guancheng. The existent east and south tollgates and the 650 meters long circumvallation are the famous pass of the Great Wall. They are also the important gorges that go in and out of Shanxi Province. Niangzi Barrier is also called the Weize Barrier. It has two tollgates, and in the middle is the residential area. The outer city gate is a brick made door hole, above it is the flat roof which seems to be used for parading and checking the enemy situation. The inner city gate is also brick made; above it is the firmly constructed gate. The Great Wall on each side of Guancheng, wandering according to the mountain, is the natural barrier between Jin and Jia. And there also exist the ancient architecture, such as Guandi Temple, Zhenwu Pavilion, etc.

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There are regular buses from Yangquan to the scenic spots.

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Recommended Travel Time: Two hours

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