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Yu County Zang Mountain Scenic Spot

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Zang Mountain is famous for the story “Zang orphan saved the orphan”. It was said by “the Records of History (Zhao’s Family)” that during the times of Jin Jinggong, JiaLei slandered Zhao Dun’s Family to make more than 300 people killed. At that time, the grandson of Zhao Dun was still a swaddle. Fortunately, he was saved by a friend of his father-Cheng Ying to hind here for 15 years. In order to eulogize Cheng Ying’s brave deeds, the later generations set up a temple here to sacrifice them with continuous burning incense. Whenever the April, 15th on old style, more than ten thousand tourists will come here. So it becomes the place for those tourists who come from Hebei and Shanxi Provinces.

The Temple of King Xiguan is located in the north bank of Yu County’s Xiguan River. It is said to be the Xanadu of Zhao Wu during the Spring-Autumn Period, so it is also called “Zang Mountain Ancestral Temple”.

It was originally constructed in the year of 12 of Jin Dynasty (1172), and later it was repaired, enlarged and rebuilt through Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. The temple is sitting in the north and facing the south. The principal parts of the temple are arrayed from south to north as follows: Mountain Door, Yimen, Stele House, Drama Stage, Bell and Drum Tower, the Front Temple and the Back Temple. The principal parts of the architecture are arrayed on the axis, on each side of the axis are porch and matched temple with amplitude eyeshot and majestic vigor. It is a provincial cultural relic protection unit.

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You can get there by bus at Yu County Bus Station.

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Recommended Travel Time: Two hours

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