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Yangquan Travel Guide

Last updated by fabiowzgogo at 2015/11/29

Yangquan Overview

Shanxi Yangquan is a very beautiful mountain city which is as bright as a pearl enchased in Mountain Taihang. With its plentiful rivers and mountains, Yangquan is well known for its wealth of tourism resources of natural landscapes and historical relics. The best traveling time here is from April to October every year. Inside Yangquan scenic area, there is the Niangzi Barrier ancient Great Wall and the Niangzi Barrier waterfall. There also exist the inscriptions and stele carvings of the past dynasties in Guanshan College. Besides, the ancient booths and pavilions made here more attractive. With queer pines and cypresses, jointly connected by temples and houses, Yu County Zang Mountain is well known as the place that hided “the orphan of Zhao” in former days. The highways from Yangquan to other places are extending in all directions. The Shitai railway goes across the east and west of Yangquan. With its convenient transportation and complete tourist service and facilities, Yangquan is the ideal place for traveling.

Zip Code: 0353

Post Code: 045000

Area: 4452 square kilometers

Population: 1.2929 Million

Districts: Yangquan City contains 3 districts and 2 counties: the downtown area, diggings, suburb and Pingding County, Yu County.