Compare Victoria, Century and President Cruises Series

Vitoria Cruises Series

Victoria Prince Photos

-The only cruise series operated and managed by American companies on the Three Gorges

-The cruises are equipped with bilingual representatives.

-The cruises provide various Western and Chinese ample buffet. 

-The cruises have complete service equipments, including conference centers, reading rooms, gyms, the exhibition halls and hairdressing salon.

-The cruises boast various recreational activities, such as lectures on Chinese history and culture, Tai Chi in the morning, lectures on calligraphy and the performances of the staff on the ships in the evening.

-The cruises have a number of departure dates and available all year round.

-The cruises are equipped with international satellite mobile communication and provide a variety of TV channels, such as HBO and CNN.

-Customers above the third floor of the cruises can enjoy free drinks and free Internet access. There are also two dinning rooms for them to choose.

Century Series

Century Diamond Photos

-The only five-star cruise series built after 2003 on the Yangtze River

-The only cruise series with independent sightseeing balcony in each room on the Yangtze River

-Boasting the largest public area per person and the largest sightseeing deck on the Yangtze River

-The only cruise series celebrated as “Safe and Honest Cruise Corporation” on the Yangtze River

-The only cruise series managed and controlled by European experts

-The only cruise series with a direct drinking system

-The only cruise series with a transparent lobby direct to the top of the ship among all the inland river cruises

-The only cruise series with the unique transparent sightseeing elevator among all the inland river cruises

-The only cruise series with the most comfortable and largest guest rooms among all the inland river cruises

-The cruise series boasting the topflight cate, entertainment and relaxation

-The cruise series boasting the bedclothes and bathroom accessories the same as that of the five-star Hilton Hotel

President Fleet Series

President No.1 Photos

Cruises of President Fleet Series are suspended for renovation and reformed in winter. All the cruises have their own characteristics. President No. 2 is designed by an American company. President No.3 boasts rich Chinese features, with the style of architecture of the Ming and Qing dynasties. The Yangtze Paradise features elegant European style. President Series cruises are the most cost effective among all cruise series.

How to choose a Yangtze cruise?

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