Top 4 Most Cost-Effective Yangtze Cruises

President No.1

Price from: US$330

President No.1 is the most cost-effective cruise ship among all the five-star cruises, whose service is not inferior to that of other cruises. Since its maiden voyage in 2008, it has been spoken highly due to its superior service. On the ship, there is a sightseeing balcony in each room. President No.1 has a total passenger capacity of 188 and 94 cabins. The price is $350 during low season and $410 during peak season.

The room types and numbers are as follows:

  • 74 Standard Rooms with balcony
  • 16 Top class guest rooms
  • 2 Deluxe Suites
  • 2 Presidential Suites

Prisident Prime

President Prime Photos

Price from: US$399

President Prime, the newly launched cruise in 2011, is the most luxurious cruise ship on Yangtze River, boasting the best hardware facilities among all the President Series cruise ships.

  • Most cost-effective: It is the most cost-effective one among all the cruise ships of the same level, with the price of about US$400 per person in the low season and US$500 in the peak season
  • Largest independent balcony: There is an independent balcony in each room, which is the largest balcony among those of the same star-level cruise ships, with an area of 38.21 square meters, providing a unique venue for enjoying the scenery of the Three Gorges.
  • High-level staff and service: The staff members are able to offer the most excellent services because they are chosen from the best ones on the President Series.

Yangtze Paradise

Yangtze Paradise Photos

Price from: US$300

As the only four-star cruise ship among all the President Series, Yangtze Paradise has been praised highly and got high score from customers. On the ship, there are 2 president suites, 2 deluxe suites, 18 luxurious standard rooms, 47 standard rooms with balconies and 26 standard rooms. The price of the standard room is $319 during low season and $359 during peak season. Meanwhile, paying another $20 to $30, customers can own their private sightseeing balcony.

Century Sky

Century Sky Photos

Price from: US$560

Century Sky boasts the comfortable European-style bathrooms in each guest room and independent sightseeing balconies, providing a private space for customers to enjoy the natural scenery of Yangtze River and relax themselves. Century Sky was once managed by Viking Corporation in Switzerland and has been equipped with professional managers from Europe, insuring the service quality. Century Sky is also equipped with two transparent sightseeing elevators, providing a unique place for appreciating the beauty of the Yangtze River. On the ship, there are abundant television channels, including some international channels, such as HBO and CNN. Its journey is different from that of other cruise ships, offering a view of Xueyu Cave in Fengdu as well as Fendu Ghost City. The price is $559 per person in low tourist season and $649 per person in peak season.

How to choose a Yangtze cruise?

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