Top 4 Yangtze Cruises Loved by Westerners

President No.1

President No.1 Photos

Price from: US$330

President No.1 is the most cost-effective cruise ship among all the five-star cruises, whose service is not inferior to that of other cruises. Since its maiden voyage in 2008, it has been spoken highly due to its superior service. On the ship, there is a sightseeing balcony in each room. President No.1 has a total passenger capacity of 188 and 94 cabins. The price is $350 during low season and $410 during peak season.

The room types and numbers are as follows:

  • 74 Standard Rooms with balcony
  • 16 Top class guest rooms
  • 2 Deluxe Suites
  • 2 Presidential Suites

Century Diamond

Century Diamond Photos

Price from: US$560

Century Diamond was a topflight five-star cruise ship launched in 2008 by New Century Cruise Company, which was designed and built by excellent European experts and has been operated and managed by professional experts of European inland river, insuring the top-ranking service. There are two transparent sightseeing elevators, providing a full view of the scenery of the Three Gorges. The ship is equipped with two dinning rooms, including an ordinary dinning room on the second floor and a La Carte dinning room on the 6th floor, in order to meet the various needs of customers. Century Diamond is ranked as the only one cruise ship on the Yangtze River offering a direct drinking system. The ship can carry 264 passengers and equipped with 132 rooms as follow:

  • 112 Luxurious Standard Rooms: consisting of one bedroom, one bathroom and one balcony, 25 square meters
  • 4 Executive Suites: consisting of one bedroom, one living room and one balcony, 28 square meters
  • 14 Deluxe Suites: consisting of one bedroom, one living room and one balcony, 30.4 square meters
  • 2 Presidential Suites: consisting of one bedroom, one living room, one bathroom and one balcony, 78 square meters

All the bedclothes and bathroom accessories are the same as that of five-star Hilton Hotel.

Victoria Prince

Victoria Prince Photos

Price from: US $420

Victoria Prince is the one of the cruise ships on the Yangtze River operated and managed by an American company, with bilingual representatives on the ship in order to insure the quality of service. In 2010, Victoria Prince was renovated and decorated with a huge investment, in order to offer the best service for customers. Victoria Prince covers the longest cruise route on the Three Gorges and tourists can appreciate a maximum number of scenic spots on the ship. The journey on Victoria Prince covers the parts of the Yangtze River from Chongqing to Shanghai (6 nights and 7 days) and Shanghai to Chongqing (8 nights and 9 days), during which, tourists can appreciate a number of scenic spots, including Three Gorges Dam, Lesser Three Gorges, Mt. Huang, the Confucius Temple, Hubei Museum and the Mausoleum of Dr. Sun Yat-sen. Besides, since 2011, there has increased a few short journeys, including Shanghai–Wuhan, Wuhan–Chongqing, Chongqing–Wuhan and Wuhan–Shanghai, providing more choices for travelers.

Victoria Star

Century Sky Photos

Price from: US$499

Victoria Star has got an average feedback score of 4.57 from customers, which is only second to Victoria Jenna. Victoria Star is operated and managed by an American company and is equipped with bilingual representatives, insuring the service quality. On the ship, there are a number of various recreational activities, including champagne parties and a folk-custom performance. The televisions on the ship can receive a number of channels, such as HBO, BBC and some international channels. There are 89 standard rooms with an area of 21 ㎡, 40 executive suites with an area of 29.7㎡, 2 deluxe suites with an area of 35㎡ and 2 Shangri-La Suites with an area of 58.8㎡. The rooms above the third floor provide free Internet access, free coffee and drink and two dinning rooms for choosing.

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