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Erfen Bright Moon Building

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Erfen Bright Moon Building was built up in Mid Qing Dynasty. It used to be own by Yuang Shi and later Jia Songping, a merchant on salt. There is a wood and a long list of seven buildings in the garden. On the building hangs a plague with inscription of “Erfen Bright Building” in Ming Dynasty. The railings of the building are just for decoration; the curved eaves on the top of the building are designed in a unique artistic style. There are yellow stone artificial rocks in the garden; ascending the pavilion in the east of the garden by steps, you can appreciate the fantastic scenery of mountains and lakes; the lay out of the garden delivers an implicit and miraculous atmosphere. It could be reputed as an exquisite design of private garden in Yang Zhou. Walking into it, you will first spot a corridor. The wall of the corridor is made of bricks with carvings of primitive simplicity.

The seven buildings are sitting towards south. It looks grand, towering, and majestic. Although the original inscription by calligrapher Qian Yong fails to be retained, his handwriting “Erfen Bright Moon Building” in ink is still clear enough to make out. The exquisite railings and long seats with handrails add romance to the building. Accompanied by the bright moon, you can experience the gentle wind and a cup of delicious wine, enjoying to your heart content the fantastic scenery of the garden. The rockeries on the southeast of the garden are quite amazing. A couplet of calligrapher, Wu Rangzhi, describes the wonderful environment in front of the building like this: Thousands of tourists come to visit the fantastic garden in spring wind; the Bright Moon Building is the best in Yangzhou. In the east of the yellow stone rockeries stand three buildings. They are collectively called Sun-setting Buildings because they face towards west. In fact, the three buildings were built up on the basis of Daxian Building. There is a plague on them with inscriptions “Sun Set” by Zheng Banqiao, a famous painter and calligrapher in Qing Dynasty. The wall of the building up stairs is out wonderful design, especially the engraved screens. The bottom floor of the building is open and it is equipped with yellow stone rockeries and artificial lakes of clear water. In front of the hall lies an open gazebo decorated with yellow stone chess table and stone stools.

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