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Yangzhou Site of Castles of Song Dynasty

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It is located on Ximen Street of the urban area of Yangzhou. The site accounts about 1200 square meters and comprises of two parts: the exhibition hall of cultural relics and that of ancient sites. In the exhibition hall of ancient sites you would find the general construction of castles in Northern Song and Southern Song Dynasty, the brick paved roads, as well as the structure and outlook of Zhengdi Style Cave Passage functioning as gate. The caves of different dynasties, such as Five Dynasties, Northern Song Dynasty, and Southern Song Dynasty, vary from each other in terms of height. The exhibition hall of cultural relics lies in the southern part of the castle. It accounts 500 square meters and follows the style of Chuanlou architecture in Song Dynasty. In the hall you can find the relics earthed in the west gate of the caste and relevant historical materials. The exhibition hall was officially open to public on October, 1st, 1998. 

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