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Stone Cave Forest

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This scenic spot is famous for Karst landform caves, and it gets the name "Stone Cave Forest " by the wide spread of stone forest and solution cavities. The astonishing stalactite caves of Xingwen County cover a 121 sq kilometers area of forested hills. There are 3 parts: stone forest, stone sea and solution crevice with 83 caves in all, each with its own special architecture, some dome like others funnel shaped, some deep others shallow, a profusion of natural diversity. The grandest of all is the Tianquan cave, 4200 m deep with seven impressive halls along the route. Most amazing of all is the Hall of Cascading Light.

The natural big funnel, which lies in Xingyan County, is more than 700 meters wide from east to west, and 450 meters south to north, with the depth of 230meters.

It looks like a big gourd, a bigger one than the so-called "the No.1" of the world in America. It attracts lots of tourists for the large-scale and the wonder solution cavities under the ground.

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Tourists can visit the bamboo forest and the stone forest within one trip (about 1 hour by bus between two sites). If you just like to visit "Stone Cave Forest", you can take buses to the scenic spot directly from Yibin or Luzhou. Besides, there are more than ten regular buses to Wenxin County from Chengdu, Yibin, Luzhou and Chongqin.

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You can taste so many local dishes like hotpot of bamboo shoot and chicken, toast fish, Liu Chaoshou (ravioli or wonton made by a person names Liu), wild fungi etc, besides viewing the perfect Karst landform. Furthermore, the fire party and the beautiful song as well as dance of Bo minority are another attraction.

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