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Golden Lion Cave

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/5

Researches show that the Golden Lion Cavern was formed as a result of chemical reactions in the soluble rocks helped by the open water and the ground water. It took over one million years for the Golden Lion Cavern to become what we see today, stunningly beautiful and beyond the stretch of your imagination.

Golden Lion Cavern takes its name from a lion-like rock in the cave. The rock lion physically resembles a roaring lion, golden in color and all commanding and authoritative in its look. But one can't help but notice that the rock lion is without its tail. It is fabled that the attack of mosquitoes into the insect-free, paradise-like cavern forced the Lion to constantly use its tail to dispel the mosquitoes and eventually lose the functionality of its tail. There are various grotesque rock formations wrought by the nature: stalactite, petrophone, etc. The highlight of these formations in the cavern is the rock screen that divides the main hall into partitions of various sizes.

Stalagmites formed from the dripping of mineral-rich water for eons of years feels silk-smooth on touch and they are believed to be still in their formative years. The rock screen standing as tall as 39 meters is a spectacular wonder whether it is admired front or back, up or down.

A new tourist spot open to the public access is the grand palace-like underground cavern featuring the glittering Pearl Cliff and clanking rockworks.

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How to Get There?

There are coaches from Yiling District of Yichang city to the scenic area.

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Opening Hours:
8:00 – 17:00

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Recommended time for a visit: two hours

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