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Zigui is located around 1 kilometer away from the Three Gorges Dam(The original town of Zigui located at the exit of the Xiling Gorge, near which Xiangxi(Fragrant Stream) join the Yangtze River, was now submerged under the water due to the water storage of the Three Gorges. What tourists see today is the newly-built town).  It is the hometown of Quyuan, a great patriotic poet in ancient time, and Qangzhaojun, a famous beauty in ancient Chinese history.

Zigui is rich in ancient culture and is the birthplace of the Dragon Boat Festival and dragon boat race. Zigui is the hometown of Quyuan, and for centuries, on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month each year, people in Zigui would hold a grand Dragon Boat Race to memorize Quyuan.

Zigui provides access to some superlative local attractions: to the west is the Lesser Three Gorges- Lesser Three gorges, made of Longmen Gorge,Bawu Gorge and Dicui Gorge, is 50 kilometers long. The river is very shallow, and the water is lucid. It is full of steep peaks. Its beauty is even superior to the Three gorges; to the east is the Three Gorge Dam and Gezhou Dam; to the north is the Former Residence of Wangzhaojun in Baoping Town and  the Shenlongjia Nature Reserve, which keeps the wildest scenery in the province.

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