Bright Moon Mountain

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With a long history and rich human cultural scenes, the Bright Moon Mountain is the place of multiplication of religious cultures of China. As early as in the West Han Dynasty when emperor was on power, there is a saying of “Yangshan Ancient Temple” (the famous pilgrim place of Yangshan Dragon King in the ancient time) about the place, and it is also the cradle of Dragon King Bodhisattvas in the country. In the Wei & Jin Dynasty, it was said that Patriarchs of Taoism Gexuan and Gehong had ever made pills of immortality and cultivated vital energy at the Jiyun Peak of Yangshan Mountain. In 841, a Buddhist monk Huiji, the founder of Wei Yang Sect, one of the five major sects of Zen Buddhism of China, founded Qiyin Temple (Taiping Xingguo Temple) at Yangshan Mountain. Since then, Buddhist ceremonies in this temple have been flourished for more than one thousand years, Wei Yang Sect also spread all over the world, and the temple became the Holy Land of ancient Chinese Buddhism; the monks at home and abroad such as monks from India, Korean Peninsula and Japan came to the temple for studying, and there were numerous visitors for sightseeing. Now more than one hundred tomb towers of Buddhist monks built in the Tang Dynasty, the Song Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty have been found in front of and behind the site.
The Bright Moon Mountain is composed of more than ten peaks above 1 kilometer of altitude. They are the Taiping Mountain, the Yujing Mountain, the Laoshan Mountain and the Yangshan Mountain, while the highest peak is the Taiping Mounting with an altitude of 1,735.6m. The whole mountains look like hemicycle and are like a half-moon, so it is called the Bright Moon Mountain.
There are five scenic spots and one holiday zone around the Bright Moon Mountain, they are as follows: the Tanxia scenic spot which is famous for the Yungu waterfall and thousands-mile-high precipice; Taiping mountain scenic spot which is famous for Taiping Mountain sunrise, the grassy marshland in Gao mountains and unique stones; Tangjia mountain scenic spot which is famous for the Wuyunya precipice and the Wuyunya climate meteorological spectacle; the Yangshan scenic spot which is famous for the culture of Zen Buddhism and folk custom; the Yujingshan scenic spot which is famous for the rare plants and jungle wildlife; and the Wentang hot spring holiday tour zone which is famous for the hot spring recuperation, holiday tour, leisure and recreation.

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You can go to the Bright Moon Mountain by taking a bus at the west station of the No. 2 public traffic in Yichun City.

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