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Yichun Jiangxi Travel Guide

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Yichun Jiangxi Overview

Yichun City with a history of more than 2,200 years was previously a county founded in the Han Dynasty, now it has jurisdiction over three cities, six counties and one district, i.e. Zhangshu, Fengcheng, Gao’an, Shanggao, Wanzai, Yifeng, Tonggu, Fengxin, Jing’an and Yuanzhou. It has a total area of 18,700 square kilometers and a total population of 5.3 million.

With advantageous ecologic environment, Yichun is one of the ecologically experimental cities of the first batch in the country. It has 7 key rivers whose water is up to the standard of drinking; and the atmospheric quality in its 10 counties and urban districts reaches the national standard. It has 486 historic and cultural sites and 54 scenic spots, including “Hongzhou Kiln”, one of the six famous kilns of Tang Dynasty under national priority protection, Wucheng Town, the historic site of the Shang Dynasty, the place for Gexuan to gather herbs and make pills of immortality, and the Gezao Mountain, one of the famous mountains of the major three branches of Taoism in the south of the lower reaches of the Changjiang River. In addition, Yichun also has 4 state-level forest parks, 4 province-level forest parks, 2 province-level natural protection zones and 5 province scenic spots.

Postal Code: 336300

Area Code: 0795