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Yichun Travel Guide

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Yichun Overview

Yichun, which is named as the" forest capital " of our country, lies in the hinterland of the Xiaoxing'an Mountain. The city name " Yichun " means " dress material fur " in Manchu's language. Yichun is a beautiful city and it is the important timber production base of China. Because it abounds with precious trees like “Korean pines ", so it is praised as " the homeland of Korean pines ", " forest capital of China". The first fossil of dinosaur of our country was excavated in Jiayin County of Yichun - -The Dragon of Manchu of Heilongjiang is known as the" first dragon of the great continent”. And nearby a place where there are many fossils of Hadrosaur, Ankylosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex , and Coelurosaurs was discovered so Yichun is also known as " the dinosaur's homeland ". Yichun, which looks like a beautiful picture in all four seasons , is famous for its green hills and clear waters, the and beautiful stones. In early spring, the ice and snow begin to melt , the rhododendron in full bloom; in summer, forests luxuriant on the mountains, waters beautiful; In mid-autumn, forests show variant colours; In winter, the whole world becomes white with snow and crystal-clear ice. The Yichun is a brand-new tourist city featuring with its distinctive eco-tour of the primitive forest. The suburb of the city is a sea of woods where there are a lot of rare wild animals and plants and the city may well be termed as the largest " natural oxygen bar " of China. The city of Yichun has an area of 39017 sq. kms and a population of 1,320,000.  Yichun was selected as the top Undiscovered China Attractions.

[Dialing code]: 0458

[Zip code]:166200

Zoning]: The city has jurisdiction over the Yichun District, Dailing District, Nancha District, Jinshantun District, Xilin Distrct, Meixi District,Wumahe District, Cuiluan District, Youhao District, Shangganling District, Wuying District, Hongxing District, Xinqing District, Tangwanghe District, Wuyiling District, Tieli City, Jiayin County

Fire prevention in the Yichun forest zone is taken to be a cardinal task, and annually the periods of March 15 - June 15 and September 15 - November 15 are really cautious for fire prevention .