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The Huaxia Western Moive City

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Huaxia Western Movie City is located in Zhenbeibao Ancient City, the north of the Yinchuan City. There are two ancient castles in the ancient city which are under Yinchuan City protection and regarded as the treasure of Ningxia. They were built to defense the invasion of the minorities in the north of Helanshan Mountain. Local people call them respectively "Old Castle" and "New Castle", since the former was built in 1500 and the latter in 1740.

Zhenbeibao Ancient City has a history of hundreds of years. With its classical and glorious style, it arouses the interest of many famous film artists in China and is appraised by them as a mysterious treasure place. After some years' development, it becomes a place both for movie making and traveling. There are tea houses, temples and palaces such as Deming Palace and Yeluoge Palace. And in an exhibition hall, a great amount of costumes, properties and photos of some movies are displayed. So far, more than 30 movies and dramas including "A Chinese Odyssey" and "Red Sorghum" have been shot there. The Huaxia Western Movie City has added new vitalities to the ancient city.

Strolling in the City, tourists can appreciate the charm of the ancient city as well as the fake properties seen in some famous films.

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It is located in the north of the Yinchuan City.

How to Get There?

Ticket Price:

60 yuan

Opening Hours:

8:30~17:30 in winter and 8:00~18:00 in summer

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