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Baisha Bay

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/28

The white shore extends with the sea-bay, the trees besides the shore are gently waving with the wind, and the sea is blue and clear. When it breezes, the sky and the sea turn out to be the same color, and it’s really a good place to swim, to appreciate and to entertain.

The total area of the tourist region in Hai’an Baisha bay is 2510 acres, the land area is 260 acres, and the water area is 2250 acres. Now it has already established tourist region which both water and electricity are available, and also equipped with the changing room for cool fresh water bathing, super-market, fishing pond etc, and some swimming devices like yacht, tents, sun-umbrellas, life buoy, float marks etc. people also prepare to establish watching stand, fishing place, start the ocean tour in the Paiwei corner of Hai’an port, open the sea-line, about one nautical mile from the Hai’an port to the tourist region, introduce the Shenzhen “over-sea world” project. With something to eat and some places to play, this place has attracted many tourists. Since the open of the tourist region on 4th May, in 1991, it has attracted more than 150,000 tourists, and in the peak, it can even reach 70 or 80 millions one day.

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How to Get There?
1. Get to the Xiongyue city by train and then directly take the minibus to the Baisha Bay; 2. Get to the XiongYue bus station by coach and then directly take the minibus to the Baisha Bay; 3. Drive you own car along the Shengda high way till you get the exit of Xiongyue, then directly drive to the country road of Baisha bay。

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Opening Hours:
9:00 to 17:00

More Tips:
1. It’s better to go there from the end of June to the 25th of August. Before that time, because of the forbidden fishing order carried out by the government, the fishing boat can’t go fishing on the sea till the end of June. By then, you can beat the seaquake, catch the sea fish. During this time the fruit is abundant, the sea food is cheap. While at weekend, too many tourists may cause the raise of the price. What’s more, the temperature of the sea water would be fit for swimming. 2. The sea products like fish, shrimp, clam, snail, eel, and so on are all available. The coconut is very cheap here, you only need spend 1 yuan to buy one, and then after opening it you’ll enjoy the pure nature juice of coconut. 3.Recommended Time for Tourists: Half day

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