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Crescent Bay seashore resort

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/4

 The seaside resort of Crescent Bay is located in the west sea coast of Bohai. The seaside resort of Crescent Bay affected by the temperate ocean climate zone is warm and moist all the year round, which makes people feel very comfortable. Because the shape of the sea coast is very like the crescent and thus comes the name “Crescent Bay. In the north of the tourist region, you can see the Yinkou Harbor, in its south is the Red sea River; in its back is the century square. The beach is even and the scenery is beautiful.

The seaside resort of Crescent Bay is near the mountain and the sea, which is beautiful. The seaside is expansive, the weave is smooth, the beach is even and broad, the water is clean and the sand is fine. It’s the rare golden sea coast in both our country and foreign countries. In the region, there are many various gardening art, different styles of sculptures, arbors for rest, parterre and lawn of beautiful shape, colorful amusement park, etc. when tourists come here, they cannot only appreciate the delightful seacoast scenery but also can appreciate the colorful human culture scenery which possess high value of appreciation and visiting. After several years’ exploitation and development, this region not only possesses many scientific developmental values but also have attracted nearly millions of tourists every year to come here for sea bathing, sightseeing, recuperations, attending commercial conference, vocation, etc, and thus is reputed as the “Hawaii” in the northeast.

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How to Get There?
Take the train at the west coast of Bohai, in Yinkou’s economy and technology development region to the Xiongyue city bus station and the middle-sized bus for only five yuan. Or take the coach that can get to Xiongyue city or Boyue Quan, when pull in, change to the middle-sized bus.

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Opening Hours:
only in summer

More Tips:
1. Dumplings of Ba fish stuffing can be termed as the local specialty. The cover is mainly made of specially prepared powder, and the stuffing is made of pork, the meat of Ba fish, leek, vegetable oil, garlic, ginger. The dumplings are big and delicious. Eating one and you will indulge in the savory taste of the sea food with endless after-taste. 2.Recommended Time for Tourists: one day

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