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Gaizhou Bell Tower and Drum Tower

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Gaizhou’s Bell Tower and Drum Tower are composed of the base and the upper structures with an oblong floor that is 37 meters in length and 14 meters in width. Inside, there are pavilions from west to east, the Mercy Goddess pavilion in the middle and behind it there is Daxiong Grand Hall with an ancillary hall on either side respectively. In the middle of the mansion base, there sits an arched passage, which is a main transportation way from north to south. In the adjacent northwestern corner there is one Mountain Gate, facing the east. There stands one stone lion on either side of the gate, which is elegant in shape, skilled in cutting. They are regarded as one of the excellent works of stone carving. The Mountain Gate is the only way leading to upstairs and downstairs. If you take this way, you will soon find the Bell Tower and Drum Tower. Bronze bricks spread on the floor with the parapet around and are furnished with one water drain to make the sewage to run out of the mansion.

The Bell Tower and Drum Tower’s ancient architectures are all in the same way with the mansion’s back facing the north and the front facing the south, 23 degrees from the west. The series of the ancient structure’s building materials and wooden frame, were characterized with Ming dynasty style. As the story goes---in Hongwu’s year, Ming dynasty, the Bell Tower and Drum Tower were built by the director, Wu Yuzhan in the process of building South Town., which sounds convincing.

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How to Get There?
It is located in the middle of Shenyan-Dalian railway with the convenient Transportation. If you travel by train or by bus, you can choose Shenyan-Dalian railway and then get off at the Gaizhou station (or get off the highway).When you arrive in Gaizhou city, you can take a taxi, at the cost of five yuan and get to the Drum Tower. It is more economic to take man-pulled tricycle. The Tricycle seems like the same comfort one in Peking Hu-tung and as usual it merely costs three yuan.

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A whole day

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Recommended time for tourists: 2 hours

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