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Gold Bull Hill

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Since 1974, related national or provincial departments had unearthed Golden Bull Hill for several times. Among them there are 78 species of mammal fossils, including the stoneware and the residence and the trace of using fire of the ancient human.

During the period of October in 1984, Lu Zun’e, the professor of the archaeology department in Peking University, managed to excavate the ancients’ fossils, which is very rare and multiplied, including the skulls. By scientific identification, the ancients above named Golden Bull Hill’s men were the representatives of the transition from later “Zhili” men (the kind of Chinese ancients) to the early Homo sapiens.

The important discoveries of the Golden Bull Hill’s men have significant scientific value in many fields, such as the development and evolution of the ancients, the origin and distribution of the ancients, the physical character of pithecanthrope and Homo sapiens’ stage, and the study of the ancient geography and climate. Therefore, it has been regarded as one of the ten worldwide great scientific development projects.

In 1988 the Golden Bull Hill remain was enlisted into national key cultural relics preservation institution by the State Council.

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How to Get There?
you can take either bus or train, get off at Dashiqiao station, then take a ten-yuan taxi journey to the spot. You can also take a bus to Yongan city in front of Dashiqiao railway station, get off at Yongan town cross-roads, walk westward for ten minutes and you will find it.

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Opening Hours:
24 hours

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1You may stay in Dashiqiao city and you may have three hotels to choose from, Longquan Grand Mansion, Sanshan Building and Pengyuan Hotel. .2.Recommended time for tourists: two hours

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