Yingkou Travel Guide

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Yingkou Overview

Yingkou is one of the major opening-up cities of China. It has two subordinate cities (Ganzhou city and the Dashiqiao city) and four districts (Zhanqian district, Xishi district, Laobian District and Yuquan District) It has an area of 5402 square kilometers and a population of 2.22 million. The city dwellers amount to 580 thousand. Yingkou is an area rich in natural resources. 32 kinds of metal and non-metal have already been found here. It has the biggest magnesium reserve in China and enjoys the name of magnesium capital of China. It is also one of the four biggest magnesium centers in the world.

District number: 0417

Postal code: 115003

Nationalists: twenty nationalities such as Han, Hui, Man, Chaoxian