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Yingtan Overview

General Information of the City

A city in Jiangxi Province, Yingtan is located in the northeast of Jiangxi and is considered to “connect Jiangsu and zhejiang on the east, border Fujian on the south, occupy the crucial position of the Boyanghu Lake”. It is an important transportation hinge and a burgeoning base of copper, energy sources and chemistry. 

Yingtan is a unique tourist place with well protected ecology, beautiful environment and clean and unpolluted mountains and waters. The Dragon and Tiger Mountain about 16 kilometers away from the downtown was the cradle of Taoism in China and the famous mountain described in the starting page of Chinese classic work All Men Are Brothers and is honored as “No. 1 Mountain of China’s Taoism”. Shangqing Palace in the mountain is one of the Taoist palaces with the largest scale and longest history in China. The Dragon and Tiger Mountain is the national key place of interest, national scenic spot of 4 A rank, national geological park, national forest park with unique natural scenery and human scenery. The Taoism ancestor palace, Danxia physiognomy and the mystery of hanging coffin are the three world famous attractions for tourists home and abroad.

Telephone code: 0701

Postal code: 335001

Top Things to Do in Yingtan

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Yingtan Travel Guide


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