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Longbeishan Forest Park

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Longbeishan Forest Park is situated in the south of Yixing, covering a total area of 550 hectares. It is the largest integrated ecological and recreational park with beautiful natural scenery and humane landscape in Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou areas, attracting over 500,000 tourists every year. The forest park began to be built in the year 2000. Due to the favorable geographical conditions and the first-class ecological environment, it is the largest city park in East China, consisting of historical and cultural area, botanical garden area, amusement park area and recreational area. The forest park has luxuriant vegetation and towering old trees and the forest coverage rate of the park reaches 95%. In the park, there are a chain of undulating hills, forming a rolling downy landscape. Besides, it is also dotted with a number of pavilions and temples.

Going through the arch of the park and the flower nursery porch with the length of over 100 meters, tourists will be greeted with a group of magnificent man-made waterfalls which consist of four groups of waterfalls with the length of 178 meters and the height of 5 meters. Besides the natural scenery, the park is also pervaded by places of historic figures and cultural heritage. There are a large number of pools and ponds pervading everywhere in the park, such as Inkstone Pool, Shuanglong Pool, Meiying Pool and Jing Pool.

The Origin of the Name

It is said that Longbei Shan was originally named Hongdang Shan and it is considered as a group of over ten hills. Taking a bird’s view, the whole mountain is just like a long dragon. Thus it was renamed Longbei Mountain (Longbei means “the back of the dragon”).

The Characteristics of the Park

The Gardens: There are several distinctive gardens with a large number of varieties in the park, including Sweet Osmanthus Flower Garden, Rhododendron Garden and Rose Garden. In the main gardens, there are also some large-scale gardens, such as Peach Garden, Pear Garden, Chinese Chestnut Garden and Tea Garden, in which tourists can pick the fruits on the trees and make tea personally with the fresh tea, enjoying the pleasure of the lives in the farmhouse.

Hall of Fame: The Hall of Fame is composed of Scientific Hall of Fame, Historical Hall of Fame and Artistic Hall of Fame, demonstrating the celebrities in all walks of life in all ages in Yixing. As Yixing boasts many renowned celebrities, the Hall of Fame is not only the culture area for tourists to appreciate the unique culture, but also a historical epitome of the overflowing humanism flavor of Yixing.

Amusement Park: The Amusement Park is situated in the north of the forest park, covering a total area of over 70,000 square meters. It is equipped with a number of recreation facilities, including the roller coaster, the cable car for sightseeing, Apollo spacecraft, place for rock climbing, mock skiing park and other kinds of facilities, helping tourists to take exercise and enjoy themselves. The recreation facilities, which rank first in China, are comfortable, safe and reliable, satisfying people of all ages. The recreational area is located in the depths of the park with the operational area of 2,500 square meters. It is equipped with coffee house, tea house and other advanced facilities which can fully meet the different levels of consumer demand.

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