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Huilong Mountain

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Entering the stone gate, a full-sight verdant garden represents itself in front of you, including scores of precious tree species and cherished ancient trees. Winding upward along the mountain highway, you’ll encounter the Qixia Temple of Eastern Jin period and magnificent Qixia Temple. Originally named as Baoquan Temple, it was set up in the reign of Emperor Xiaowu during Eastern Jin (AD373). For thousands of years, the Buddhist incense has been keeping burning and the tourists came one after another. Zhu Yunwen, Emperor Jianwen in Ming Dynasty, dethroned by his uncle Zhu Li, once took the tonsure and cloistered in Baoquan Temple. Therefore, the offspring renamed it as Qixia Temple. During late Ming and early Qing dynasties, a couplet were craved here illustrated the time-enduring temple: ancient temple in Jin Dynasty, fairyland stands in collapse of time; rack in Ming Dynasty, hermit cloisters under the cloak of landscape. For the later generations believe there are dragons dwelling in the temple as wrote in a verse: In a sunset a dragon encounters the precipice, thus mauve clouds perches on the forests. Consequently, the temple was also called “Dragon resting on the clouds”, ranking among “Ten Views of Zijiang” along with “General Gan Ramparted in Moonlight”, and ”Ferrying in the Dawn” and other sites of battlefields in Three-kingdom Period. Aside from Huilong Qixia (Dragon resting on the clouds), there are Huilong flowers, Huilong bamboo, Huilong hills and Mausoleums. All witness a great harmonious integration of nature and humanity. Rendering in the mountain, you’ll sense a strong poignancy of nature. Indeed, it is a paradise of sightseeing and resort undertaking great reputation.

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Both bus station and railway station have buses to get there

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Tour time: about 2 to 3 hours will be took viewing the overall sight of Huilong Mountain

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