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Qionghu Park

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The Park represents itself with scenery of lake within island, island within lake. It is a water-themed park focus on scenery of the lake while relying on two lands namely, plum orchard and Zhongjiazui. Cultural entertaining center, water recreational area and places of cultural relics have opened to the tourists. What’s more, pavilions over the water and Dongting Museum embody the feature of the lake hometown. The ancient trees which are aged over a thousand years on the lands are in blossom and prosperity, along with the evergreen grasses. Worth to mention is the causeway through the lake which has connected the old streets of the city and the newly built one of the lands. Weeping willows stand in pairs along the causeway gazing at their reflection in the rippling lake, just like the willow causeway in the West Lake in Hangzhou.

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Bus no.2 will take you there

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