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Taxiku District

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The starting point of the scenic spot is a grand dam, 330m long and 104m high, which spans Zishui River from north to south like a rainbow. There are a ship lock on the north and a highway tunnel on the south of the dam. Every time the dam discharges, water pours down from the nine overflows at a height of 100 meters. The nine silver silks hanging on the mountainside and the snow-like great waves surging in a crashing river is a stunning visual feast. At night, countless lights sparkling on the dam contribute to an artifact starry night on the earth. Not only does this bring brightness to the vicinity, but also highlights the existence of the dam emerging from the smooth lake. The charming scenery on the land of Hunan province can be comparable with the long and picturesque gallery of Li River

Recent years, folk vacation villages were set up one after another along the lake. Restaurants of fresh fish and wild food were established on the boats in Kuqu District. Rest here for a couple of days and spoil yourself here, you’ll be happy and refreshed everyday.

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Regular buses to Anhua County are available every hour

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