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Shunhuang Mountain National Forest Park

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According to legend, Emperor Shun passed here and was attracted by the beautiful mountains and rivers. He decided to live here. So, it got its name. The main peak has an altitude of 1882.4 meters. One can enjoy beautiful flowers four seasons in a year.

There are also rich culture sights here. There are the site of Tianning Temple, the caved stele and poems of Kou Leng, Jie Xu and some other famous people in history, the temple of Deng Yu, the tomb of Deng Sanfeng, the official in Southern Dynasty, Guangli Bridge, which is a famous construction of Qing Dyansty and Yaotai Village, for the entertainment of tourists. It is not only a kingdom of propagation, as well as a famous scenic spot for tourism and entertainment.

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29 kilometers to Xianggui Railway and 207 National Highway; 60 kilometers to Luozhan Railway and Hengyang – Kunming Highway; 50 kilometers to Lang Mountain; 127 kilometers to Xingan Lemandi; 29 kilometers to the county seat; 75 kilometers to Yongzhou City; 127 kilometers to Linglin Airport.

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