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Wuxi Cliffside Inscription

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Wuxi Cliffside Inscription is near Xiang River, with Xianggui Railway in the north and Xiangyue National Highway in the east. The stream originated from Sanquan Mountian goes to Xiang River. Here, there are deep water, strange stones and ancient trees. The Cliffside Inscriptions lasts 78 meters long, the tiptop of which has a relative height of 30-odd meters. In 763 AD, famous literator Yuan Jie, the governor of Dao Prefecture traveled along Xiang River. He loved this stream and named it “Wu Stream”.

Except for its beautiful sceneries, Wu Stream is also famous for its literature and calligraphy. In 764 AD, Yuan Jie wrote “The Story of the Resurgence of Tang Dynasty”, which recorded the An-shi uprising. Later, famous calligrapher Yan Zhenqin carved the story here. The cliff covers an area of 120 square meters. The Resurgence Stele is 3.2 meters high, 3.3 meters wide, with a total area of 10.56 square meters. Many literators came here and had their poems carved on the cliff. From Tang Dynasty, there are 505 poems, ci and stories carved on the cliff, which is a precious material for studies on history, literature, character and calligraphy.

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take a regular bus from Yongzhou City to the county seat of Qiyang County; then take a taxi

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