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Yangming Mountain

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The drift of Yangming Mountain is 6 kilometers long, with a time of one and half hours and fall of 200-odd meters. It covers a total area of 170 square mu, with 116 hills along the two rivers. The peak has an altitude of 1625 meters. Yangming Mountain National Forest Park is the second biggest of the same kind in Hunan Province.

In Tang Dynasty, Liu Zongyuan traveled near Yangming Mountain. In the mountain area, there were temples in Song Dynasty. In Jiajin Period of Ming Dynasty, it is said that Buddhist Monk Xiufeng lived in the temple here. His body kept well after he died and preserved in the temple. He was called the seventh master of Zen. From then on, this temple has become a sacred place for Zen study. Many tourists have visited here.

At the peak of Yangming Mountain, there are many wild azalea. It was called the best azalea in China. At May, the azaleas are booming here.

It is said that, Jiang Jieshi held a military meeting in Mount Heng. During the meeting, he visited Yangming Mountain and was impressed deeply by this place. After Jiang Jieshi retreated in defeat in went to Taiwan, he missed Yangming Mountain very much. So, he renamed Cao Mountain in Taibei as Yangming Mountain.

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