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Yongzhou Travel Guide

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Yongzhou Overview

Yongzhou was called Linglin. It is located at southern China, north to Nanling Mountains. It is at the join of Xiao River and Xiang River. It has 9 counties under its jurisdiction, covering an area of 24 thousand square kilometers.

Yongzhou is one of the four cities of history and culture in Hunan Province. Here exists the culture of ancient emperor Shun, the calligraphy art of Huaisu and He Shaoji, Liu Culture and ancient female’s script (Nüshu). Shun was the ancient emperor in legend. Zhou Dunyi was famous for its materialism and his morality. Monk Huaisu was famous for his cursive. Liu Zongyuan was a literator as well as an official with profound thoughts of loving people. The female’s script in Jiangyong is mysterious. The mountains and waters of Yongzhou combine natural beauty and beautiful stories. The tomb of Emperor Shun at Jiuyi Mountain, the temple of Liuzi (Liu Zongyuan), Yangming Mountain, Shunhuang Mountian, Wuxi Cliffside Inscription, Jianghua Yao County and Xiangyuan Hotspring are favored by tourists.

Yongzhou City

Yongzhou City

Yongzhou is subjected to sub-tropical climate, with enough rainfall, fertile fields and rich resources. It has been called “the home of grapefruit” and “the home of fir”. There are three national forest parks and five provincial level natural protection areas. It is also called the home of manganese. There are 50 kinds of mineral resources which have been discovered, among which the reserves of manganese is number one in Hunan province, accounting one seventh of national total reserves.

Yongzhou is the nearest city from Hunan to Guilin, as well as one of the nearest cities to Guangzhou. It has been an important transportation fort from central and eastern China area to Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan and southwest China. It is also an important opening door of Hunan. Of the city, Xiang River can reach Yangtze River in the north, Pearl River in the south. There are two national highways, 10 provincial highways. The railway across north Yongzhou connects southwest areas and Hainan Province, Guangxi Province.

Area Code: 0746

Post Code: 421000

Population: 5.6 million

Areas under jurisdiction: Zhishan area, Lengshuitan Area, Qiyang, Dongan, Shuangpai, Daoxian, Jiangshui, Jianghua, Ningyuan, Xintian, Lanshan Counties, Phoenix Garden Economic Development Area, Jiangyong Huilongxu Precinct.