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Red Stone Valley

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General Situation

Red Stone Valley is also called Xiong Stone valley. It is about 350 meters long. Eastern side of the valley is 11.5 in height and the western side is 13 meters. The two sides face each other, perilous and splendid. Xuxi River rushes rapidly through the Valley all the way to the western part of the city; weeping willows stand in line on each bank of the river, which forms beautiful scenery. Red Stone Valley can be separated as northern section and southern section. In the northern section, the valley is split in the middle. The upper part is the natural lake formed by the ever gathered water from Yuxi River. It sparkles in the sunlight, reflecting golden brilliance. A torrent suddenly rushes out of the lake, run through rocks and jump down, transforming into waterfalls, bumping into lower rocks. It is thus called “snowy water screen and cloudy stone cave”. Standing on the head of the rock, you hear the thunderous sound made by the rushing water and see the waves rising and falling. A mist gradually rises and dances in the sky. Reaching the mouth of the cave, chilly air attacks you on the face, making you cool and calm down. It is always praised as a marvel among people. On the rock of the cave mouth engrave four Chinese characters: “Mosquito Hole and dragon Socket”, which are quite eye-catching and sparkling.        

Scenic Spots

Yuxi River

The river is very limpid and it is the river that flows from north to south through Yulin City. However it is particularly enchanting and elegant right now. You can put off your shoes and socks, step on the soft sands or dip in the cool water with bare feet. Soon you feel your spirit is lifted. Or you can lie on the sands beside the river, enjoying the tranquil time that can not be available in the city of a steel forest. Standing on the top of the nearby hill, endless desert with sparse trees enters into your eye. No wander why Wang Jiawei, a famous film director choose here to shoot the well known movie Evil East and Malicious West. He esthetically features the desert in Red Stone Valley in his movie. From the hill you can also see bits and pieces of fragmentary Great Wall relics.

Xiongshan Temple

The eastern part of Red Stone Valley houses Xiongshan Temple that was built in Song and Ming Dynasty. The temple gate is in south of the valley. Stone steps lead into the temple. The temple is at the foot of the valley and faces a river. In the temple, turn-up eaves, towers, attics and pavilions form a special architecture pattern. All the temple halls are grottos on the cliff. There are more than 10 such halls. There are two tunnels. One is called Heaven Gate, the other Underworld Gate. The Heaven Gate leads to the top of the valley, with a pavilion called Cuiran in the middle. Walking up on the steps from the temple and reaching the top of the valley, you can look down in the temple, in which there is a dyke called Guangze. All you see is lush trees with green water that is like a picture. From the temple, the Underworld Gate leads to the bottom of the valley, namely the bank of Yulin River. When pass through Underworld Gate, one must bend.

In the temple, there are carved stone figures of Buddha with sophisticated craftwork. Pudu Bridge spans over from east to west of the valley like a spectacular rainbow. The valley is filled with lush trees and blooming trees with the clear river flows by peacefully. It is so peasant. When the sun sets in the west, it is like red clouds rise from there. As a result people call it “Red Mountain, Red Afterglow”.

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How to Get There?
You can take a taxi form downtown Yulin there, which takes you less than 10 Yuan. Or you can catch bus Number 3 and get off at Red Stone Valley stop, which takes 1 Yuan.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
The whole day

More Tips:
1.You have the chance to have a taste of rural meals in northern Saanxi in autumn. At the same time you visit the scenic spots, you can have a taste of the local product bright red Chinese date too. Thanks to lack of rainfall in Yulin area, Chinese dates here are big in size, with sweat flavor and tender flesh. 2.The best time to travel here is in summer and winter. For Red Stone Valley lies in Maowusu Desert. The temperature is low in morning and evening and high at noon in summer time. You can swim there and stroll about.

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