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Shaanxi Mizhi County

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Mizhi County, which was also called Guyin State in ancient China, is located in North Shaanxi Province. According to historical records, the fertile land of Mizhi County produced high-quality rice. And the porridge will be covered with a layer of yellow grease when boiled with the rice and the local water from Taohua Stream, smelling rather good. Hence it is named for Mizhi, meaning rice grease.
Mizhi ancient city is a unique cave city in China that featured with delicate cave architecture. Diao Chan, one of the four major beauties in ancient China, was born here. And it is also the hometown of Li Zicheng, the peasant uprising leader in late Ming Dynasty. Mizhi is a famous film base and brand tourist attraction. Traveling in the cave city, one can explore different surprises from many century courtyard caves of Yuan Dynasty. In the south of the cave city is Gompertz Manor, one of the top ten residential of China’s most beautiful tourist attractions. In the south of the cave city is the well-known red travel attraction Yangjiagou, the mark of Chairman Mao leading the Central Party Committee to leave North Shaanxi for fighting for the complete victory in China. In the north of Mizhi County is the noted Li Zicheng palace. It is said that Li Zicheng had been back to live here for twice. The entire building complex is the collection of natural beauty, artificial beauty and historical beauty, which looks very spectacular.

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