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Temporary Palace for Li Zicheng

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General Situation

The Temporary Palace for Li Zicheng (a famous leader of peasant uprising in Ming Dynasty) consists of several architectures, including Youle Mansion, Plum Blossom Pavilion, Pengsheng Mansion, Two Heaven Gate, Yuhuang Empire Tower, Qixiang Hall and Zhaoqing Palace etc. The whole construction is at the foot of a mountain and in an orderly layout, resembling a flying gigantic dragon and taking on an air of majesty and solemnity. It is an extant Ming-Qing Dynasty architectural complex that is relatively well preserved in northwest areas. More than 70 rooms have survived the time and they form an array, like a sleeping dragon curling its tail, quite spectacular.   

 Scenic Spots

Le Mansion

Le Mansion was built on the plat ground at the foot of the mountain. The inner design strictly follows principles of acoustics. The performance on the mansion can be clearly seen from every angle under the mansion. It is said that before constructing, in order to enhance sound effects, a couple of huge earthen pots were buried beneath groundwork, serving a resonance function. Plum Blossom Pavilion stands on a flat roof in the back of the square.  It is also called Eight Diagrams Pavilion, because it is in a shape of a plum blossom with eight petals. Sitting in this pavilion, you hear the music from Le Mansion, as if you the music came from the heaven, penetrating thick clouds. It is appraised as a great piece of work by nature.


Pengsheng Mansion was a place for Li Zicheng to hold a memorial ceremony for Heaven. It is 16 meters high, two-storied in the building and three -storied seen from outside. It rather resembles Temple of Heaven in Beijing. Pengsheng Mansion is at the immediate foot of Panlong Mountain. The road is all narrow and steep until Two Heaven Gate at the mountainside. It is easy to defend and difficult for the army to invade. Qixiang Hall and Zhaoqing Palace are built on the top of the mountain. The former is the major hall of the temporary palace, delicately and luxuriously decorated.

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How to Get There?
The Price for the one way ticket from Yulin to Mizhi is 6 Yuan.

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Opening Hours:
There are regular busses from 08:00 to 18:00 every day.

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The best time to visit:all four seasons.

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