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Tongwan City, also conventionally called Baichengzi, was the capital of Balkh Empire founded by leader of Hun in East Jin Dynasty. Tongwan City site comprises of outer city and inner city. Inner city again is divided into two parts, east city and west city. From east to west orderly lies the outer city, east city and west city. The outer city is rectangle in plane, with a perimeter of 4700 meters. The east city and west city was separated by a wall. The perimeter of east city is 2566 meters and that of west city is 2470 meters. There are four coigns higher than the city walls on four angles of east city and west city, taking on a shape of square or rectangle in plane. The coign in the southwest angle is as high as 40 meters. The existing wall is from 1 to 10 meters higher than the ground.

Tongwan City is the only comparatively well preserved early state capital site of northern minor groups today. Its majesty palace standing on sands, white walls as hard as stone, serried horse pens, towering turrets, and the unique structure of secret room in ghost house all clearly sketches out the profile and scale of the Balkh Empire capital, with a name meaning “unifying the world and governing all places” Tongwan City makes itself a archeological and traveling destination to explore and study the architectural art of nomad as well as the culture and history of the period from Balkh to West Balkh, which lasts 5 century by its unique architecture and various precious antiques.    

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How to Get There?
From Yulin to Jingbian County you can take a coach in Yulin Coach Station and there are several coaches to Jingbian in different hours in a day. It costs 18 Yuan and about 5 hours. When reach JIngbian you can take medium bus right in the station to Baichengze Village that is near Tongwan City site.

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The whole day.

More Tips:
(1)Accommodation: The nearest county to Tongwan City is Jingbian, and you’d better put up here for convenience. This little place is full of the air of ancient Balkh Empire. There are Baokh Guesthouse and Balkh Hotel in downtown. Outside the downtown there is Wangxia Village. Jingbian Guesthouse charges more than other choices, but is better in all aspects. There are several net bars outside its gate. They charge 2 to 3 Yuan an hour. (2)Cates in Tongwan City: do not miss the rural meals of Northern Shaanxi, such as millet congee and Mutton with Steamed Bread. (3)The prime time for traveling is in summer and autumn. For the weather in desert is quite changeable in the other two seasons, often accompanied by strong winds and sunlight. Even in summer and autumn you should bring with you enough articles for shielding the wind and sunlight. Especially in autumn and winter, you should pay attention to temperature changes.

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