Zhenbei Fortress

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Zhenbei Fortress, the largest military fortress of Ming Great Wall, was built by Yabsui governor Tu Zongjun from April of the 35th year (A.D.1607) to July of the 36th year in Wanli Period of Ming Dynasty to protect the nearby Hong Mountain City, where Han people and Mongolians exchanged goods. It was called Number One Fortress on the Great Wall and one of the most important forts of Ming Great Wall. You can imagine how magnificent it is. Standing on the top of Zhenbei Fortress, you have a command of tens of miles of the scenery north of the Great Wall, including desert, Gobi desert, meadow, Yellow River, "Three North" Shelter Forest as well as the nearby Red Stone Valley. It was awarded as a province-level Cultural Relics Protection unit by Shaanxi Province government in 1992, and a key nation-level Cultural Relics Protection unit by the State Department in 2001.      

Zhenbei Fortress is a titanic square echelon in shape which consists of 4 stories up to 28.5 meters. The endless stretch of the scenery of Yulin from the top of this giant square is peerlessly magnificent and spectacular. The four sides of the top of all the 4 stories are surrounded by parapet walls with sawtooth-like fringe, the flours of each story are covered with large black bricks. The inner compartment of the first story used to be the barracks of the fortress guarding soldiers in old times. To the northeast of the Fortress is the Kuangon Fortress built in the same period in Ming Dynasty which used to be the place where communications and ceremonies of tributes between Han and Mongolian officials took place. To the west of the Fortress is the Horse Exchange Town which used to serve as a market for Han and Mongolian people to exchange goods in ancient times. It became a barrack in 1970s, now there is only a line of houses left.

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How to Get There?
You cake take a taxi there from Yulin City, which takes 10 Yuan. Or you can catch bus number 3 and pay 1 Yuan for the ticket. 

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
The whole day.

More Tips:
1.As Zhenbei Fortress is only 2 kilometers away from Red Stone Valley, you’d better visit these two attractions in the morning or in the afternoon. Ticket price for Zhenbei Fortress is only 2 Yuan for each person and there is no time limit to visitors. Telescopes can be rented on the Fortress for tourists to have a farther sight. 2.The best time to visit this place is after 10 o’clock in the morning, because the morning fog will worsen your view.

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