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Hometown of Imperial Concubine Yang Guifei

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Historians always have divergences on the question about the native place of Yang Guifei. But according to relative historic materials, we have plenty evidence show that Rong County is her hometown. Yang Guifei was regarded as one of the four beauties in China. Famous ancient poets, like Li Bai and Bai Juyi used to describe her in their poems. And her image frequently appears in folk dramas too. She is a woman not only wildly known in China, but also famous in some foreign countries. Her life is a true description of the unfortunate life of women in feudal society of the ancient China. People show great sympathy to her and her birthplace becomes concerned by more and more people. In the village, there are site of Guifei Temple, Guifei Well and the site of her dresser on the east of the county was told to be built by her foster father Yang Kang, the officer of Rong Zhou.

Zhenwuge Temple

Zhenwuge Temple


Yang Guifei

Guifei Well was originally a shallow well made by stones. When Yang Guifei was young, she often helped people draw water from this well. It is said that her beauty was owing to the water in the well as she drank the water everyday. This well was remained until 1949 and now only the site remains. Guifei Temple is on a slope west of Lingju Village and it was built for her memory by the ancient villagers. The temple was maintained after 1949 and it was pulled down in 1965. In recent years, villagers reconstruct this temple on its original site and put her statue in the center of the temple.

Guifei Hill is on the Jinniu Range in the northeast of Lingju Village and it said that the ancestral grave of Yang Guifei was in this hill. With an attitude lower than 300 meters above sea level, the range is ups and downs and the forest is exuberated here.

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You can take Yunmei Bus from Yulin to Rong County and then take a motorcycle to the scenic spot. The total fare is about 15 Yuan.

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1. Rong County Hotel is a moderate hotel nearby. It is located on No.24 Xinnan Street in Rongcheng Town. The price is reasonable and the service is fine. 2. Xiayan Chicken in Rong County is strongly recommended. This chicken is a product of Xiayan Hamlet, Shizhai Village in Rong County. The golden chicken tastes delicious with its soft bones. It is called to be the cate of a banquet. Besides, the world-renewed Shatian shaddock is also worth tasting. 3.Best touring time: the climate here is subtropical monsoon climate with the average temperature of 21°C. So you can pay the visit every time. 4.The best time for you to visit the hometown of Imperial Concubine Yang Guifei is June and July every year. You could taste the litchi while feel the aura of the hometown of Imperial Concubine and appreciate the historic charm of it. Of course, you can come here in autumn too when it is the best time for shaddocks. The shaddock of Rong County is well-known all over the world.

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