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Big Iron Oxen of Yellow River

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Puzhou is situated in the middle of Yellow River. People of Puzhou cross Yellow River though pontoon bridge, but their pontoon bridge was often destroyed by the waves. In order to solve this problem, iron oxen were made in Tang Dynasty. People riveted the pontoon bridge by using these iron oxen.

There are 8 iron oxen in total and 4 of them are excavated from the ground. These iron oxen are very huge and they all face to the Yellow River. What is more, iron pillars and iron men are all excavated with the iron oxen.

Solo Adventure Tips:


How to Get There?
Take the yellow bus No.2 can get to the Big Iron Ox of Yellow River

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
8:30- 17:00

More Tips:
1.Big Iron Oxen of Yellow River are situated in the open ancient riverway so do not choose rainy season or windy season for traveling. Summer is not very good choice as well. Warm late autumn will be very suitable. 2.Recommended time for travailing:About half an hour

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