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Dayu Ferry

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It is said that Dayu (a very famous hero in Chinese history) had a rest at this ferry when he constructed the irrigation projects to prevent the flood, and the name of Dayu Ferry is gotten in this way. There are many scenic spots like River Viewing Attic, Wangyue Pavilion and so on. A very big sculpture of Dayu is still standing on the ferry. This sculpture is very elaborated caved and there are three characters on it, they say 大禹渡(Dayu Ferry).These three characters are written by Zhao Puchu.

On the north bank of Yellow River, there is a very old cypress, and there is a corridor in which there are many stone steles. Some of these steles are very famous.   

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How to Get There?
Buses to Dayu Ferry are available in Ruicheng bus station, tricycles to there are also available in Ruicheng County.

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Recommended time for travailing:Half an hour

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