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Guanque Attic

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Guanque Attic was built in Northern Zhou Dynasty (557 to 580 A.D.) and destroyed in early Yuan Dynasty. Because of the magnificent attic and beautiful landscapes around, many scholars and poets in Tang Dynasty and Song Dyansty came here and they wrote a lot of great poems. The most famous poem maybe Deng Guangquelou written by Wang Zhihuan. This poem has been spread generation to generation.

The scenic spots of Guanque Attic are is not only Guanque Attic, there are also many other great places to go. People divide this whole scenic spots area into 4 parts, they are famous attic area, which includes Gate Place, Guanying Lake and Tangyun Square. One is Yellow River scenery area, which includes Puzhou culture Garden, Yellow River Culture Garden and Willow Garden. The third one is natural sceneries area, in which the Cangshan Natural Scenery Garden, Jixiangruyi Lake and Gaunque Garden are included. The fourth one is Kangle area, there are Pujin kangle Garden, Horse polo field in Tang style and Ritan pool in.  

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Visitors can take a taxi to Guanque Attic from Yongji city.

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Recommended time for travailing:About 2 hours

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