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Salty Lake

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Salty Lake of Yuncheng is situated in the Jinnan basin of Shanxi Province. It covers an area of 132 square kilometers. The black soil in this salty lake is abundant with 16 kinds of microelement which are very good for people’s health. People honor this salty lake as Dead Sea in China.

Landscapes around Salty Lake are very beautiful. To the south, it is the continuous Zhongtiao Mountain. To the north, it is E’mei Mingtiao Hill. To the east, it is Shushui Yaotai. To the west, it is the old ferry of Yellow River. Salty Lake of Yuncheng is one of the biggest inner land sodium sulfate lakes in the world, and the rest two are in Utah of America and in Russia.

The floating bathing pool is in the middle of this salty lake and it covers an area of more than 3,000 square mu(1 mu means 667 square meters). There are floating bathing place, black soil bathing place and Salty Lake sports center in this area.

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How to Get There?
Take bus No.3 to the salty lake.

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1.Recommended time for travailing:Half a day to a whole day 2.Hotel rooms need to be booked ahead in busy season and water in this area is renewed everyday.

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